Erick Ponce - Full Stack Engineer

Soft Skills Software
Excellent communication in English Assembler, C, C++, C#
High sense of urgency HTML5, CSS3, Boostrap
Efficient in problem solving JavaScript ES6+, jQuery, JSON
Fast pace of learning React.js, Redux, Hooks
Commited to delivering projects on time Node.js, Express, REST APIs, MongoDB
Self-taught, proactive and organized PHP, MySQL
Results-focused Bash/Shell CLI
Version Control (Git)

Westmount Solutions 2020 - Present

Web applications engineer.
Targeted on eCommerce platform applications for clients around the globe.

Aurom 2018 - 2020

Integration of industrial processes to automated processes with industrial robots, from the concept of the cell, layout design and mechanic design for fixtures and tooling, to computer simulation and communication with virtual PLC through TIA portal to validate the correct functioning of the production programs with virtual HMI integration.

LED Genesis - Early 2018 - Mid 2018

Redesign of power systems, redesign of LED lamps, 3D design of enclosures, redesign and supervision of production lines, instrumentation design with IoT and BigData technologies, research and development of 3D printing.

Assisted design with Solidworks, firmware and GUI programming written in C#.

Formula SAE ITCH - 2017 - 2018

Design, programming and manufacture of embedded systems applied in a Formula like car, under standards similar to those of Formula One on a more flexible scale.

Firmware developed in C++ on the Kinetis KL 25Z and Arduino Uno development card. GUI developed in Visual Studio in C# Mechanical design of 3D printed housings for the embedded system assisted by Solidworks 3D and electrical.

Aria Ragnarok Online - 2014 - 2015

Developer of the game, website, promotion, project and resource management. 1 year of development and 6 months of maintenance.

Website carried out from the design (photoshop), frontend (html5, css3, JavaScript) and backend (php, mysql).

Ragnarok Online is cloned from an open-source repository written in C++ at a low level and at the high level is programmed with scripting (similar to JavaScript).

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